SPL/WBI Replacement of O-ring and Glass Insert

For SPL/WBI injection ports equipped with a ClickTek nut, the glass insert can be replaced without using a wrench.
The procedure for the SPL of GC-2030 is described here as an example.


First, set the instrument to a state in which it can be serviced (Maintenance Mode).

Required devices

Parts name
Required number
Optional product with high heat resistance is available.
Glass Insert
Various optional parts are available.


Step 1

Open INJ/DET cover (★1).

For GC-2050, do maintenance work without opening the INJ/DET cover. Turn off the power before opening the INJ/DET cover.

Step 2

Turn the lever (★2) counterclockwise while holding the insert assembly.

Step 3

Raise the insert assembly (★3) slowly.


Raise the injection port slowly straight up by left hand to prevent damage of glass insert.


When O-ring is adhered to the insert assembly, remove O-ring with tweezers before raising the insert assembly to prevent damage of glass insert.

Step 4

Pull out old glass insert (③) with tweezers (①).


Pay attention not to damage the installation surface of O-ring on the injection inlet.


When O-ring is adhered by heat, remove the connection between O-ring and the body by inserting tweezers in 2 slits on the both side.

Step 5

Install a new glass insert (③) equipped with O-ring (②). Take care not to break the column.

  • Temporarily set the O-ring approximately 4 mm from the top of the glass insert and install it on the injection port.
    Press down it with tweezers until it reaches the bottom.

  • In the glass insert included in the standard accessories, silica wool is packed at proper position in advance.
    When using a glass insert in which silica wool is not packed, pack silica wool according to Guide for Packing Position of Silica Wool .

Step 6

Install the insert assembly (★3) fitting into the groove.


It can be installed easily by inserting the projection of insert assembly while the lever is turned to the back.

Step 7

 Turn the lever (★2) clockwise while holding the insert assembly.

Step 8

Close INJ/DET cover.

Step 9

Exit maintenance mode using the following procedure according to the relevant instrument, and reset the consumable usage counter.