Entering Maintenance Mode (with Monitor)

For models equipped with a monitor display, such as the GC-2030, the instrument can be switched to maintenance mode via the monitor. (Easy sTop function)

Procedures (Entering Maintenance Mode)

Step 1


(HOME) - [Monitor] - [Easy sTop], and press [Run] for Start on the Easy sTop menu.

Step 2

When [Run] is pressed, injection port temperature decreases automatically.

Step 3

When injection port temperature decreases adequately and the instrument is ready for maintenance, the following message appears:


If [Carrier gas can now be stopped] is displayed on the monitor, stop the carrier gas manually by pressing [Stop]. This screen is not displayed if [Carrier Gas Stop] is set to [Auto].

The septum and insert can then be replaced. For details on the replacement procedure, see the following:

Procedures (Exiting Maintenance Mode)

Step 1

Press [Run] for [Setting up] to exit the maintenance mode.

Step 2

If [Leak Check] is set to [On], the leak check is performed automatically.

If the leak check fails, stop the carrier gas by pressing [Run] for [Carrier Gas Stop], and check for leaks.
If the leak check passes, the instrument exits maintenance mode and performs setup to resume original state.

  • No leak check is performed if the carrier gas for GCMS is nitrogen.

  • When using GCMS-QP2050, check for leakage from the intensity ratio of m/z 69(PFTBA) and m/z 28(Air) monitored by MS. The criteria can be changed by launching the [Analysis] program and clicking on [Main] assistant bar > [System Configuration] > [MS] Properties > [Test Values of System Check/Auto Tuning] > [System Check]Tab > [Vacuum Leak(Intensity Ratio of 69/28)].

Step 3

The carrier gas is automatically supplied, and the temperature control for the injection port and the column starts.

Step 4

Reset the number of uses for the replaced consumables. For details, see Resetting the Consumable Usage Count .

Resetting the Consumable Usage Count

Step 1

Go to the [Analysis Counter] screen to reset the counter.

Step 2

Reset the septum counter and the insert counter.