SPL/PTV Replacement of Split Filter


First, set the instrument to a state in which it can be serviced (Maintenance Mode).

Required devices

Parts name
Required number
Split Filter


Step 1

Open AFC/APC cover (★1).

Step 2

Turn the filter nut (★2) counterclockwise to remove old split filter (①).

Step 3

Check that there are 2 pcs of O-rings on a new split filter.

Step 4

Install a filter nut (★2) on a new split filter (①).

Step 5

Put the split filter on the holding table, draw the center axis of the split filter through the hole of the filter fixing block, and insert it toward the back.

Step 6

Turn the filter nut (★2) clockwise to fix the split filter.

Step 7

Close AFC/APC cover.

Step 8

Exit maintenance mode using the following procedure according to the relevant instrument.