Replacement of Syringe

Video (Removal of AOC Syringe)

Video (Installation of the AOC Syringe)

Required devices

Parts name
Required number
Syringe for AOC
Barrel Holder (5 pcs)
Plunger Holder (5 pcs)


Step 1

Open the front door of AOC.

Step 2

For AOC-20i, press the [STOP] key.

The plunger motor hold of AOC-20i is released.
For AOC-30i, the plunger motor hold is automatically released when the door is opened.

Step 3

Loosen plunger fixing knurled screws.

Step 4

Hold and pull down plunger driving belt, and pull up plunger fixing unit.

Step 5

Pull up it until the top end of plunger holder comes out of driving unit, and then remove plunger holder.


Place the removed parts on a clean tray or sheet.
Take care to keep the parts from becoming lost or contaminated.

Step 6

Unlock the syringe lock, and while holding the knob, remove the syringe.

Step 7

Check clogging of the syringe and movement of the plunger.

Clean or replace it as needed.
See Maintenance of Syringe .

Step 8

Attach the barrel holder to the new syringe.

Step 9

Set the syringe on syringe driving unit and fix it with syringe holder.

Step 10

Set plunger holder on the plunger.

Pull down plunger driving unit until the projection of plunger holder passes through the hole.
When the syringe is replaced with a new syringe, use a new plunger holder.

Step 11

Press [Reset] key.

Move plunger driving unit to home position.

Step 12

Press down plunger holder lightly, ensure that the end of the plunger is located at Zero point, and tighten plunger fixing knurled screws to fix it.

The end of the plunger is located at Zero point. The end of the plunger is located above Zero point.

Step 13

Close the front door of AOC.

Step 14

Reset the consumable usage counter.


See the procedures below for details on how to reset the consumable usage count.