Replacement of Filling Material in the SCD Ozone Scrubber

Required devices

Parts name
Required number
Filling material in the ozone scrubber
Spanner, SCD, Maintenance


Step 1

On the instrument monitor or workstation, check that the temperature of the column oven is lower than 40 °C, and check that the temperatures of the injection port and detector (SCD-IF part and electric furnace) are 50 °C or lower.
After checking the temperatures, turn OFF the main power to the instrument.

Step 2

Remove the ozone scrubber (★1) from the instrument.

Pull the ozone scrubber toward you to remove it.

Step 3

Remove 2 gas pipes at the top and bottom of the ozone scrubber using a spanner, SCD, maintenance (②).

Step 4

Loosen the nut (★2) at the top of the ozone scrubber by hands and remove the cap (★3).

Step 5

Remove silica wool (★4) with tweezers (③) and replace hopcalite (★5) in the ozone scrubber.

Step 6

Spread silica wool over hopcalite.


Spread silica wool without space. If there is a space, hopcalite powder may flow into the pump resulting in a failure of the pump.

The ozone scrubber filler (①) contains 4 g of silica wool. Use about 1 g of it.

Step 7

Install the cap (★3) and tighten the nut (★2) by hands.

Step 8

Rotate the ozone scrubber by 180° (upside down) and replace silica wool at the bottom.

As the same as steps 4 to 7, remove the nut and cap, and replace silica wool. There is hopcalite only at the top.

Step 9

Install 2 gas pipes at the top and bottom of the ozone scrubber.

Turn the nut by hand and then tighten it additional one-half turn with a spanner, SCD, maintenance (②).


The ozone scrubber has no right-side up, therefore, either side of the scrubber can face upward.

Step 10

Install the ozone scrubber on the instrument.