Method for distinguishing the different ECD-2010 Exceed flow paths

Different ECD-2010 Exceed flow paths

The ECD-2010 Exceed has two flow lines, flow path A (left side of figure below) and flow path B (right side of figure below).
Flow path A emphasizes sensitivity, and flow path B emphasizes durability.

  1. APC(Gas flow controller)
  2. MS Filter
  3. ECD cell

In flow path A, a total of 2 pipes are connected to the ECD cell, with gas entering through one line and gas exiting through another. (The part indicated by ★ 1 in the figure)
In flow path B, a total of 3 pipes are connected to the ECD cell, with gas entering through 2 lines and gas exiting through another line. (The part indicated by ★2 in the figure)

Confirmation method

Step 1

On the instrument monitor or workstation, check that the temperature of the column oven is lower than 40 °C, and check that the temperatures of the injection port and detector are 50 °C or lower.
After checking the temperatures, turn OFF the main power to the instrument.

Step 2

Open INJ/DET cover (★1).

Step 3

Determine the flow path by checking the number of pipes (2 or 3) connected to the ECD cell. (The part indicated by ② in the figure below)

①ECD cell
②ECD connection piping (The photo above is an example of connecting two pipes.)

Graphite ferrule jig.

The column insertion length is different for path A and path B.
Attach the graphite to the column using the appropriate graphite ferrule jig .

Flow path A:Column insertion length 43mm

P/N:221-48610-07 ,Graphite ferrule jig, ECD_43mm

Flow path B:Column insertion length 32mm

P/N:221-48610-04 Graphite ferrule jig, ECD_32mm