Procedures for Inactivation of Glass Insert (Dimethyldichlorosilane (DMCS) treatment)

Conduct work in a fume hood.

Never leave DMCS vial opened because DMCS is highly volatile and it generates toxic chlorine gas.
Store undiluted DMCS at low temperatures.

Step 1

Soak a new or cleaned glass insert in 5 % DMCS/hexane solution.

  • Treat it quickly to minimize an intake of DMCS vapor including chlorine.

  • Caution should be exercised to prevent air bubbles from being trapped in the insert. (Treatment liquid should come into contact with the insert adequately.)


Inactivated insert is also available. (Refer to Glass insert for capillary )

Step 2

After soaking the insert in 5 % DMCS/hexane solution overnight or further, take it out, lightly remove treatment solution with waste paper, etc. and soak it in methanol immediately (methoxylated).

Step 3

After soaking the insert in methanol for about 2 hours, take out the glass insert, and air dry it on waste paper, etc. for some time.

Step 4

After methanol evaporates to a certain point, soak it in hexane to clean it and remove residues after the treatment.

Step 5

Take out the glass insert from hexane, and air dry it on waste paper, etc.

Step 6

Bake it in oven, etc. at about 250 °C to 280 °C for a few hours, and store it in a desiccator after cooling.