Replacement of Filaments

Required parts

Part name
Required quantity
Filament (standard)
1 or 2
Use with alternative calibre gases other than helium is not recommended.
Long-life filament
Box screwdriver


There are two filaments: one on top and the other at a lower position.
★1. Upper filament
★2. Lower filament

This section explains the procedure for replacing filament ★1. Use the same procedure for replacing filament ★2.
The same replacement procedure applies to standard filaments(②) and long-life filaments(③).


When using a long-life filament, attach the long-life filament to ★1 and the standard filament to ★2.
Long-life filament cannot be used with ★2.

Step 1

Before starting maintenance, perform the following steps in order from 1 to 2:

  1. Allow GC/MS to come to an automatic stop. Wait until [Completed] is displayed.
  2. Shut down LabSolutions.
  3. Turn off the main switch of the instrument.

Step 2

Open the front door.

Step 3

Carefully pull out the two sockets from the filaments using tweezers(①).


Wipe all tools with a soft cloth soaked with acetone to remove any dirt or grime.

Step 4

Carefully pull out the two sockets on the opposite side of the same wires using tweezers, and remove the wires completely.

Step 5

Remove the filament retaining nuts using the box screwdriver(④).

Step 6

Remove the filaments using tweezers.

Step 7

Prepare new filaments.

Step 8

Attach the new filaments using tweezers.

Step 9

Attach the filament retaining nuts. The side with the larger hole should be facing back when attaching.
Tighten the nuts using the box screwdriver.

Step 10

Fit the two wires in their specified positions. Insert the sockets all the way.
Check for any short-circuits in the wiring.

Step 11

Check for any dirt adhesion on the O-ring mating surface(★1) of the vacuum container and the O-ring(★2).

Step 12

Close the front door.

Step 13

Start up the GC/MS.

Step 14 (When the filament type is changed for filament 1)

Launch the [Analysis] program.

  1. Either click the [System Configuration] icon in the [Main] assistant bar, or click [Instrument] on the toolbar and then click [System Configuration].

  1. In the [System Configuration] window, double-click [MS] in the modules used for analysis or select [MS] and click the [Properties] button.

  1. Select the type of the new filament ([Standard] or [Long-life]).
  2. Click [Test Values of System Check/Auto Tuning].

  1. In the [System Check] tab in the [Test Value] window, set the estimated replacement period for the consumable in [Filament 1].
    Enter 5000 h for a long-life filament or 1000 h for a standard filament, and click [OK].

  1. Click [OK] in the [MS Detector] window.

  1. Click [OK] in the [System Configuration] window to exit system configuration.

Step 15

Click [Detail] on the instrument monitor.

Step 16

  1. In the [Consumables (MS)] tab in the [Monitor Details] window, click [Consumables Reset].

  1. In the [Consumables Reset] window, enter "0" for Time and click the [Set] button. After applying the setting, click [OK].

  1. Click [Close] in the [Monitor Details] window to close the window.