Replacement of FTD Collector

Required devices

Parts name
Required number
FTD Collector, Capillary
(No Outer Cylinder)
For high matrix samples


Step 1

On the instrument monitor or workstation, check that the temperature of the column oven is lower than 40 °C, and check that the temperatures of the injection port and detector are 50 °C or lower.
After checking the temperatures, turn OFF the main power to the instrument.

Step 2

Open INJ/DET cover.

Step 3

Loosen 2 collector fixing knurled screws.

Step 4

Remove collector cover.

Check whether silica is not precipitated out of the alkaline source inside the collector cover and it does not close the exhaust hole. When high precipitation of silica is observed, it causes increased noise level and decreased sensitivity. Remove it with paper wiper, etc.

Step 5

Turn FTD collector counterclockwise to loosen it.

Step 6

Remove FTD collector.

Step 7

Install a new FTD collector and turn it until it reaches the bottom.


Excessive tightening may break the filament. For installation of FTD collector, do not use tools including drivers. Install it by hand.

Step 8

Install collector cover.

Step 9

Alternately tighten the upper and the lower collector fixing knurled screws a few times.

When either one is tightened, the other one may loosen. Be sure to tighten them several times and check that they are fixed appropriately. If collector fixing knurled screws loosen, red hot of alkaline source may be incomplete and it may cause decrease of sensitivity.

Step 10

Close INJ/DET cover.