Replacement of FID Igniter

Required devices

Parts name
Required number
Igniter ASSY


Step 1

On the instrument monitor or workstation, check that the temperature of the column oven is lower than 40 °C, and check that the temperatures of the injection port and detector are 50 °C or lower.
After checking the temperatures, turn OFF the main power to the instrument.

Step 2

Open INJ/DET cover.

Step 3

Loosen igniter fixing screw with a Phillips screwdriver (②).

Step 4

Pull out the igniter.

Check that the filament is not broken or has no corrosion. If there is a broken wire or corrosion, the igniter should be replaced.

Step 5

Remove connector (CN2) of the FID amplifier (black cable).

Step 6

Install a new igniter.

Step 7

Fix the igniter by installing screws.

Step 8

After installation of the igniter, install the connector (CN2) on the FID amplifier side.

Step 9

Close INJ/DET cover.