Adjustment of the Sample Vial Delivery Position (Teaching)

For AOC-20i


When using auto sampler, the position of sample vial delivery to AOC-20i (auto injector) should be adjusted. Be sure to adjust it when installing auto sampler.


Step 1

Press HOME button - [AOC] and check whether the auto injector control is [Off].

Step 2

Hold down the [FUNCTION] key and [MONITOR] key on the AOC-20i and switch the auto injector control to [On].

Step 3

After initial operations of auto injector and auto sampler are completed, put sample vial to be used (for 1.5 mL or 4 mL) at the left end of rack of auto injector.

Step 4

Set up the rack position of auto injector.

  1. Press HOME button - [AOC] - [Settings] -[Submenu] - [Advanced Settings].

  2. Set up the [Injector Position].
    The instrument can store up to 3 rack positions.
    Select a number (0 to 2) where rack position is stored.


The following positions are stored as defaults, however, be sure to adjust it because deviations may be caused by manufacturing tolerances.

No. Default position
0 Rack position for the previous instrument
1 Position when AOC-20i is installed on the 6th injection port
2 Position when AOC-20i is installed on the 7th injection port

Step 5

Set display of auto injector to [F78].

  1. Press [FUNCTION] key of auto injector.
  2. Select "078" using number select keys.
  3. Press [ENTER] key.

Step 6

Move the arm of auto sampler to the position of sample vial set in step 2. 


Extend the arm with a margin and return it to set it just above sample vial.

Step 7

In up/down direction, set it at the height shown in the photo.

Do not move the arm while holding the end of the arm.
If you hold it by hand with excessive force, it may damage the instrument.

Use [SAMPLE WASH] key, [SOLVENT WASH] key, and [NUMBER OF INJECTIONS] key of auto injector.


It takes some time before starting up/down operation. (a few seconds)

Step 8

Select "001" using number select keys and press [ENTER] key.

The gripper at the arm end moves. It grips the cap of sample vial and returns to home position.