Installing the Autoinjector to the Gas Chromatograph

Installation to the Gas Chromatograph

When installing the autoinjector to the gas chromatograph, you can use the uniform procedure described below regardless of your gas chromatograph model.
The following explanation uses GC-2010 as an example in Figures.

Step 1

Place the autoinjector directly upon the four installation pins located on top of the gas chromatograph. Press the autoinjector down until it is set onto the septum nut and completely secured.
Then, plug in the AOC cable to connect the AOC to the GC, if it is unplugged.

Be sure to connect/remove the AOC cable when the AOC power is OFF.
Connecting/removing the cable while the AOC power is ON will result in instrument malfunction or failure.

  1. Place directly upon the installation pins until the autoinjector is completely secured.
  2. AOC cable: Align the parts indicated by arrows to plug/unplug the cable.
  3. Place the AOC cable on the hook (accessory) to avoid interrupting the rack movement.

  • If the autoinjector is not completely secured, the error message "-11" appears on the display when the power is turned ON.
    In this case, check whether the autoinjector is properly mounted, and press it thoroughly until it is securely fixed.

  • Even though the AOC cable is connected, you can install/remove the autoinjector. Remove the AOC cable when moving the autoinjector to places where the AOC cable cannot reach (e.g. when carrying the autoinjector away).

To remove the autoinjector, pull it straight upwards.


If the autoinjector is used for a GC-2014 or GC-14A/B, Shimadzu personnel remove at installation the plate spring, screws, and spacers (shown in the figure below) used for mounting to GC-2010 or other gas chromatographs. These parts are necessary when using the autoinjector with GC-2010, etc. Please store them in a safe place.