[GC Start Sequence] Screen

Press HOME button - [GC Start/Stop Sequence] while the GC is turned off to display [GC Start Sequence] screen.
You can set parameters related to the GC startup such as start time and clean up.

No. Item Description
GC Start Sequence Sets the GC start procedure after the instrument is turned on.
  • Manual Start
    The GC does not start after the instrument is turned on. Press [Start GC] on [GC Start Sequence] screen to start the GC.
  • Auto Start
    The GC starts automatically after the power is turned on.
  • Semi-Auto
    Control of only carrier gas, detector gas (excluding hydrogen, air, oxygen) and AUX-APC gas starts after the power is turned on. Press [Start GC] on [GC Start Sequence] screen to start the GC.
Default Manual Start
Load File Sets the file to be used. The GC will be controlled based on the parameters in the specified file.
Range FILE 0 to FILE 9
Default FILE 0
Start Time Sets the period of time after flow control starts until temperature/detector control starts. This can be set when [Start Temp/Det] is set at [Enable].

Set the start time considering the polarity of the column and dead time (time spent until substances not adsorbed by the stationary phase elute).Examples for start time setting are shown below.

  • In the case of a 30 m neutral column and a 30 cm/sec linear velocity (dead time 100 sec.): Approximately 5 min
  • In the case of a 60 m high-polar column and a 20 cm/sec linear velocity (dead time 300 sec.): At least 10 min
  • If the instrument has been out of use for a time with no column connected: One to several hours
  • When the detector is ECD, set [Start Time] at a value more than 10 minutes. If the temperature increases when the air in the cell is not replaced with nitrogen, it accelerates degradation of the cell.

  • When the detector is BID, extra caution should be exercised on [Start Time] setting to avoid degradation of helium purifier.
    Normally, set it at 10 minutes. After piping installation or cylinder replacement, set it at about 60 minutes.

Range 0.0 to 6000.0 min
Default 3.0 min
Start Temp/Det Select [Enable] to start temperature/detector control after the start time is finished. Select [Disable] to continuously flow the carrier gas and not to start temperature/detector control.
Items Enable, Disable
Default Enable
Detector Select [On] to prepare the detector configured in analytical line for analysis while the GC starts.
Items Off, On
Default On
Auto Ignition Select [On] to ignite the FID or FPD automatically while the GC starts.

This setting is linked with the setting of [Auto Ignition] on [Detector] screen.

  • For BID, plasma will start to be produced while the GC starts regardless of the setting in [Auto Ignition].

  • For TCD, ECD, and FTD, ignition will not start even the item is set at [On].

Items Off, On
Default On
Clean Up Select whether to run the clean up program after the GC starts up.
  • Off
The instrument does not perform clean up.
  • On
The instrument performs clean up using the clean up program.
Default Off
After Initialization Go to: Sets the screen to be displayed after the GC initialization.

If a screen other than [GC Start Sequence] screen is displayed when the GC starts up, the screen set here will not be displayed.

Items GC Stop Seq., HOME, Monitor
Default Monitor
Start GC When you press [Start GC], the GC will start according to [GC Start Sequence] screen settings. If you press [Start GC] while the instrument is starting up immediately after the power button is pressed, GC start is scheduled and [Abort] is displayed. Press [Abort] to cancel the GC start. During the GC startup, [GC Stop Seq.] is displayed. Press [GC Stop Seq.] to display [GC Stop Sequence] screen.
Item Description
GC Stop Sequence Displays [GC Stop Sequence] screen.
File Displays [File Select] screen. You can change the file to be used.
Clean Up Displays [Clean Up] screen. You can set parameters for clean up during the GC startup.