BID Sweep Gas

The instrument need to supply sweep gas flowing at 5 to 10 mL/min to BID even while the instrument isturned off or the GC is not energized to protect helium purifier, stabilize the detector, and shorten the time for stabilization after restart.

APC for BID-2030 comes equipped with bypass unit as standard equipment, which can supply sweep gaseven while the GC is turned off.
Change or adjust sweep gas flow according to the following procedures.

Step 1

Stop GC when the GC operates.

Step 2

Press HOME button - [Detector] - [Submenu] - [Detector Gas Control].
[Detector Gas Control] screen appears.

Step 3

Set [DCG] at [Off].

Step 4

Remove the column connected to BID and cap the fitting.

Step 5

Open main valve of helium gas cylinder to supply gas.

Step 6

Set flow with the adjustment knob of helium purifier at the rear of the instrument while checkingDCG flow on [Detector Gas Control] screen.
Set flow at a value (5 to 10 mL/min) sufficiently smaller than DCG gas flow during analysis (recommended value for capillary analysis: 50 mL/min).

  • APC error will occur if you set flow at a value larger than DCG gas flow controlled by APC.

  • Stop sweep gas supply before APC calibration. Remove the column, shut off the main valve of the cylinder or turn the adjustment knob of helium purifier to stop sweep gas, and then, perform calibration.

Step 7

Set [DCG] at [On] on [Detector Gas Control] screen.


If [DCG] is not set at [On], DCG gas flow does not reach the set flow on the next startup.

When stopping the sweep gas supply

Stop the sweep gas supply according to the following procedures.

Ensure that the control is turned [Off] on [Helium Purifier] screen more than one hour before the stop of sweep gas supply.
Do NOT stop helium gas supply within one hour after helium purifier control is turned off (while purifier temperature remains high).
If the air etc. gets into flow line from the vent while purifier temperature is high, the time for stabilization may become longer at the next startup and various problems including decreased sensitivity may occur. In addition, the capacity of helium purifier to remove impurities decreases rapidly, and you may need to replace it.

Step 1

Press HOME button - [Peripherals] - [HeliumPurifier].
[Helium Purifier] screen appears.

Step 2

Turn [Off] the control.

Step 3

Stop gas supply after one hour.