Back Flush System

Replacing the Deactivated Insert


Tools Required

6x8 wrenchs (standard accessory)



Shutdown the system.


Dismantle the column and the restrictor tube


Loosen the nut on the bottom side of the device with the wrench.


Then loosen the nut with your hand and slowly remove it.


When the deactivated insert appears, hold it so that it does not fall, and then pull it down to remove.


Install the new insert in the order shown in the figure.

First, set the insert into the deivice, then set the Au packing, the adaptor and the washer holding with the nut.
Then tighten the nut with the wrench.

Deactivated Insert : 221-72483-03
Deactivated Insert, for wide bore : 221-72483-04

Au Packing : 221-72474 (1 piece)
Cu Packing : 221-73468-84 (5 pieces)

The analytical condition of the column oven is higher than 350 degrees for long time, "Au Packing" is recommended. For lower temperature condition, "Cu Packing" (lower cost packing) is applicable.
("Au Packing" is initially installed.)


Refer to "Installing the Restrictor Tube" and "Installing the Column" to install other parts, check gas leakage of all conjunctions.


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