Back Flush System

Installing the Restrictor Tube


Tools Required

6x8 wrenchs (standard accessory)



Shutdown the system.


The restrictor tube can be installed on the bottom side of the back flush device with a SILTITE ferrule (metal ferrule) and a male nut.









Pass the tube through the male nut and SILTITE ferrule, insert it until the top of the tube appears from the top of the device, then tighten the nut with your hand.

Male nut (5 pieces) : 221-70833-84


There are three types of SILTITE ferrule, an appropriate one must be used to fit the tube diameter. The tube in the standard accessory is 0.15 mmID made of deactivated stainless steel, SILTITE ferrule 0.32 (221-72563-05) must be used for it.

If you strongly tighten the ferrule, you can not adjust the position nor reuse it. You should gradually tighten it in about 60 - 90 degree until you feel hard to up-and-down with your hand.

SILTITE, ferrule 0.25 : 221-72563-04 (ferrule 0.4 mmID)
SILTITE, ferrule 0.32 : 221-72563-05 (ferrule 0.5 mmID)
SILTITE, ferrule 0.53 : 221-72563-08 (ferrule 0.8 mmID)


Then loosen the male nut and remove the tube.


Adjust the SILTITE ferrule position at 7 mm from the top of the restrictor tube.
(reffer to the figure in step 2)


Install the tube on the back flush devide, tighten the nut with your hand, then tighten it in 15 - 30 degree with the wrench.


Install the detector side of the tube with a graphite ferrule using the same procedure as standard column installation.

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