Inlet Septum

Parts name
Part number
Premium Green Septum
Green, low-bleed, for high-sensitivity analysis (standard accessory), pack of 50 Max Temperature
(INJ temperature setting): 350 °C
The influence of plasticizer is the lowest. This septum can reduce chips entering into the insert.
Xtra Life Septum
Red, for high-sensitivity analysis, Ultra long life, pack of 25
Max Temperature (INJ temperature setting): 400 °C
The septum has an improved septum structure with a greatly improved life expectancy and can be used for a long period of time without maintenance. It is less likely to generate septum scum and is ideal for high-sensitivity analysis.
Standard type
White, general-purpose type, pack of 20
Max Temperature (INJ temperature setting): 350 °C
(When using the inlet for packed column, the maximum use temperature may be 250 °C).
This is general-purpose septum, which can be used for general analysis.
HT Septum
Red, for high-temperature high-sensitivity analysis, pack of 20
Max Temperature (INJ temperature setting): 450 °C
Decrease of durability when using injection port at a high temperature (450 °C) is minimized in this septum. Increase of bleeding at high temperatures is less than LL septum. Adhesion of the previous septum to injection port during continuous operation at high temperatures is resolved.
Septum with Hole
For HS-10
  • Some bleeding still present when using low-bleed septum. Type of bleeding depends on the septum, and it appears on chromatogram as a different pattern.

  • For high-sensitivity analysis, use a septum of which bleeding does not appear in positions that interfere with the peaks of the target compounds. After extraction with hexane, etc. for a few hours, conditioning for a few hours at about 120 °C to 200 °C may be effective to decrease bleeding.

  • When using AOC syringe, it should be replaced after about 100 injections. When the outer diameter of the needle tip is large (gas-tight syringe, etc.), it should be replaced after about 50 injections.