Transport Test

You can run a transport test to check whether the teaching has been correctly performed.

Step 1

Press HOME button - [AOC] - [Sampler Vial Transport Test], and then [Move].
The [Sampler Vial Transport Test] screen appears.


This screen can also be displayed by pressing [Move] next to [Sampler Vial Transport Test] on the [Sampler Teaching] screen.

Step 2

Press [Run] next to [Preparing Vial for Transport].

Step 3

Set [L1].
Specify a position on the turret or two-dimensional code reader as the transport starting point or destination.

Step 4

Set the vial transport destination in [Sampler Vial No.].
Specify any sample vial number on the auto sampler as the transport starting point or destination.


To switch between [From] and [To], press [Switch].

Step 5

Place the vial in the position set in [From].


If [L1] is set to [AOC-M] or [AOC-S], place the vial in the corresponding injector handover position (L1).


Do not place a vial in the position set in [To].

Step 6

Press [Start] next to [Start Transport].
The vial is transported between the teaching target and sample vial number according to the transport direction settings.
Check that the vial is correctly transported.
If the vial is not correctly transported, press the [RESET] button on the auto injector and redo the sampler teaching.


Do not press any other operation button or [STOP] on the GC main unit while the arm is moving.