[Other Configurations] Screen

Press HOME button - [Function] - [Configuration] - [Other Configurations] to display [Other Configurations] screen.
Various items other than those on [Configuration] screen can be set.

No. Item Description
Language Sets the language to be displayed on the touch panel.
Items Alt., English
Default English
Backlight Auto Off Sets the period of time until the backlight automatically turns off.
Range 0 to 9999 seconds
Default 0 seconds
Pressure Unit Sets the pressure units

The following items are expressed in the unit [kPa] regardless of the setting in [Pressure Unit].

  • Pressure axis on the monitor screen.

  • Set value and measured value of the primary pressure in the standard diagnosis result.

  • Displayed value in log files.

Items kPa, bar, psi
Default kPa
Pressure Digits Display Sets the digits of the pressure. Select [Explicit] to set pressure to three decimal places when [Pressure Unit] is set at [psi].
Items Default, Explicit
Default Default
Beep Volume Sets the beep volume which sounds when errors occur or during the touch panel operation.
Items Off, Low, Mid, High
Default Low
Beep Pitch Sets the beep sound. Use a different tone for different instruments to be able to discern which instrument has a problem.
Items Low, High
Default High
Atmospheric Compensation Select [On] to compensate inlet pressure depending on the atmospheric pressure.
Items Off, On
Default Off
Auto Zero After Ready Select [On] to automatically perform auto zero after all items checked on [Ready Check] screen become ready and the status light on the control panel illuminates in green.
Items Off, On
Default On
Auto Zero After Start Select [On] to start analysis. The auto zero process runs when the status changes to RUN and the status light on the control panel illuminates in blue.
Items Off, On
Default Off
Primary Pressure Sets the range of primary pressure of the gas supplied to heater port or carrier port. For example, set this item to [500–900 kPa] when the pressure of the cylinder supplying the gas to the instrument is 700 kPa.
Items 500-900 kPa, 300-500 kPa, 900 kPa-
Default 500-900 kPa
Fan Off Temp Sets the turn-off conditions for the oven fan when the temperature control function is set to [Off].
  • COL: The oven fan will be turned off when the column oven temperature drops below 50 °C.
  • ALL: The oven fan will be turned off when both the column oven temperature drops below 50 °C and the temperature of heater ports such as the detector or sample injection port drops below 100 °C.
Default COL
Oven Light Sets the optional oven light. Select [On] to turn on the light when you open the column oven.
Items Off, On
Default On