[Max Temperature] Screen

Press HOME button - [Function] - [Configuration] - [Max Temperature] to display [Max Temperature] screen.
The maximum temperature for each heater port can be set. The items on the screen are different depending on the units installed on the instrument.

No. Item Description
Column Displays the maximum operating temperature of the column oven.
Range 10.0 to 470.0 °C
Default 450.0 °C
Heater Port Sets the maximum operating temperature of injection port, detector, and optional heater. Line No. is displayed when they are configured in the analytical line.

Set this value below 400 °C when using ECD.

  • Other than OCI, PTV, and satellite oven: 10.0 to 470.0 °C
  • OCI, PTV: 10.0 to 520.0 °C
  • Satellite oven: 10.0 to 420.0 °C
Default 470.0 °C
Ensure Det Temp > Oven Temp When this item is checked, a warning message appears if the set value for detector temperature is lower than that for column oven temperature. Do NOT check this item to set detector temperature lower than column oven temperature. This item is displayed for each detector installed on the instrument.