[Hydrogen Leak Check] Screen

Press HOME button - [Peripherals] - [Hydrogen Leak Check Function] to display [Hydrogen Leak Check] screen.
Set this item when an optional hydrogen sensor (P/N: S221-78910-41/S221-88999-41) is connected.

No. Item Description
Hydrogen Sensor Installation Set [Ver.1] or [Ver.2] to display icon on the screen, monitors hydrogen leak.
Items N/A, Ver.1*1, Ver.2
Default N/A
Aspiration When you set [Use], aspirate atmosphere in the column oven.
Items Not Use, Use
Default Use
Status*2 Display the status of the hydrogen sensor.
*1 The [Ver.1] is not supported in the GC-2050.
*2 The status is displayed when [Hydrogen Sensor] is set to [Ver.2].