Wear safety glasses when handling solvents and vials.
Solvent or fragments of broken glass may get in your eyes, which could cause blindness.
If any solvent or glass fragments get in your eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical attention.

Wear gloves when handling vials after analysis.
Touching a heated vial may result in burns.

When handling samples, follow the safety standards set for the region or organization where the instrument is installed.
In addition, pay careful attention to ventilation.
If a vial breaks inside the instrument, the generated gas may be diffused in the room where the instrument is installed.

Use the specified vials (22 mm, round bottom).
If a vial other than specified is used, it may break inside the instrument.

When replacing parts, use the items that are described in the Instruction Manual and Maintenance Help.
If you use a part that is not listed, that part may be damaged and may not operate properly.
It may also cause injury or malfunction.