Be sure to wear clean gloves and protective goggles for working on maintenance.

Use due caution when handling organic solvents. Ventilate the room well while using organic solvents.
The solvents used are flammable and toxic. Without proper ventilation, they can cause intoxication or may ignite and cause fire.

Allow the instrument to cool for 10 minutes after shutdown. Check that the instrument has sufficiently cooled before starting maintenance.
The instrument is hot during its normal operation. There is a risk of causing burns.

Stop the supply of gas by following the instruction manual.
Performing maintenance while there is gas flow may cause high-pressure gas to blow out, creating a risk of accidents or damage to the instrument.

Wipe all tools with a soft cloth soaked with acetone to remove any dirt or grime.

Use the parts specified in the instruction manual or Maintenance Help when replacing parts.
Using other parts may cause them to break, which may prevent proper use.
It may also cause personal injury or equipment failure.

Place the removed or disassembled parts on a soft cloth and prevent them from being lost or contaminated.
Before removing or disassembling parts, remember the assembled state to prevent incorrect re-assembly.

For any maintenance work other than exchanging the columns or working with the periphery of the ion source (work that requires opening of the MS cover or moving the MS), please contact your Shimadzu representative.