Reference: Entering Maintenance Mode (Using Workstation)

The GC can be placed into maintenance mode by using the [Easy sTop] window on the workstation.
When using LabSolutions, the [Easy sTop] window can be displayed by clicking any of the following buttons:

Step 1

Click the [Start] button in the [Easy sTop] window. The cooling for the injection port and oven starts.

Step 2

When the [Press the Stop Carrier Gas button] message is displayed in the window, click the [Carrier Gas Stop] button in the [Easy sTop] window to stop the carrier gas.


This step is not performed if [Carrier Gas Stop] is set to [Auto]. The instrument automatically enters maintenance mode.

Step 3

When the [Replace the septum and/or liner] message is displayed in the window, the transition to maintenance mode is complete. The septum and insert can be replaced. For details on the replacement procedure, see the following: