GC type : GC-2010

Injection Port : OCI/PTV-2010

In the case of PTV, the optimum position of silica wool depends on the sample to analyze. Refer to the following list, examine the optimum position. Use 1-2mg of silica wool for the regular sample injection volume (1.0-2.0ul).

[Needle depth in glass insert]
25mm : AOC-20i
27mm : Manual injection (AOC syringe : 43mm needle)
35mm : Manual injection (Hamilton syringe : 51mm needle)

Analyzing compounds those are unstable for heat with using the cold-injection method, place the silica wool close to the needle top.

The influence of the amount and the position of the silica wool for the cold-injection method analysis is less, comparing with hot-injection method.

For those samples which has wide range or higher boiling point, placing the silica wool at 35-50mm from the top tends to make the recovery better.

Using deactivated silica wool and glass inserts are recommended to avoid adsorption and decomposition in the sample injection port.

Deactivated silica wool : 10mg (P/N 221-48600)

Glass Insert Deactivation (DMCS) Procedure