Glass Insert Deactivation (DMCS) Procedure

Perform the procedure in a drafter.

  1. Immerse either the new or cleaned glass insert in 5% DMCS/hexane solution. Take care not to allow any air bubbles into the insert (in order to ensure that the treatment solution comes into sufficient contact with the insert). During this process, the DMCS vapor contains chlorine and is hazardous. Perform the procedure quickly, keeping inhalation to a minimum.

  2. After immersion in 5% DMCS/hexane solution for more than 1 night, take out the glass insert and lightly wipe away the treatment solution on a Kim Wipe(R) etc. and immerse it immediately in methanol (Methoxilation).

  3. After about 2 hours of immersion in methanol, take the glass insert out and let it air dry on a Kim Wipe etc.

  4. After the methanol has dried off to a certain degree, clean it by immersing it in hexane to remove the treatment residues.

  5. Take the glass insert out of the hexane and let it air dry on a Kim Wipe etc.

  6. Bake in an oven at a temperature of about 250 deg.C to 280 deg.C for a few hours. Store in a desiccator after cooling.



DMCS is particularly volatile and generates poisonous chlorine gas. Never leave it with the vial left open.

Store the DMCS stock solution in a refrigerator.