Changing the Setting of Dual AFC to the Flow Controller for Makeup Gas



On GC-2014's control panel, press the [FUNC] key to display the Function window, and then select "6 System Configuration."

In the screen displayed by selecting "9. Other System Configuration" from the System Configuration window, change the DAFC unit setting from "DAFC" to "AMC.LR." Now the dual AFC has been changed from the flow controller for carrier gas to that for makeup gas.



To set the flow rate of makeup gas on the GC-2014, turn ON the channel (L or R) on the packed injection inlet to which the branch piping has been connected, via the screen displayed by pressing the [OPTION] key and then proceed to setting the flow rate. Turn OFF the channel that is not used.


When using GCsolution, finish the above setting on the GC-2014 and then restart the GC Real-time window. Open the system configuration window, add the channel (AMC.L or AMC.R) to which the branch piping has been connected, to the additional flow unit.
Method parameter settings of the unit can be done on the additional flow tab.

This setting can be done only on the Function window of GC-2014's control panel.
Since GCsolution retreives the instrument's configuration information at the time when the GC Real-time window is opened, it has to be restarted after the setting is done.

When making the packed analysis again, you cannot include the dual AFC in the analysis line without the following action. Be sure to return the setting for the DAFC unit to DAFC by procedure 1 and then select AFC for the analysis line.

You can select only one AFC (injection unit) for each analysis line. If you try to get the DAFC to control the makeup gas when making the capillary analysis by controlling the carrier gas with the ACF for the SPL, you cannot concurrently select two AFC units. In using the DAFC to control the makeup gas, therefore, the option "Not using DAFC as AFC" has been selected in procedure 1, so that two AFC units can be selected exceptionally at the same time.

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