Detector FPD-2014

Replacing the Nozzle
(An example of changing the capillary nozzle with the packed nozzle)


Tools Required

10x12 wrench (standard accessory), Phillips screwdriver, Flat screwdriver (standard FPD accessory)



Shutdown the system and stop the gas supply for detectors.


Pull the lever on the left hand side of the door to open the column oven.


After uninstalling the column, loosen two screws and remove the heat insulating cup on the FPD.


Loosen the capillary adapter with the wrench and pull it down to remove.


Use the flat screwdriver to slowly lower the nozzle and then remove it.


FPD SUS nozzle for capillary
FPD quartz nozzle for packed

Slowly insert the replacement nozzle into the FPD cell while holding the screwdriver at the setscrew on the replacement nozzle.

Because the quartz nozzle for the packed column is easily broken, you must exercise special caution not to drop it.

After the PDF nozzle has been replaced, the nozzle level may change. It is therefore recommended that the shield ring level be adjusted again.

(Go to the procedure for adjusting the shield ring.)

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