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Akifumi Noujima
Takato Mitsudome
Tomoo Mizugaki
Koichiro Jitsukawa
Kiyotomi Kaneda
Gold Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Environmentally Benign Deoxygenation of Epoxides to Alkenes Molecules 16 8209-8227
Ayako Oyane
Teruhisa Ootsuka
Kazumi Hayama
Yu Sogo
Atsuo Ito
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Yanwei Wang
Shiyong Ran
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Lirong He
Changdao Mu
Jiabo Shi
Qian Zhang
Bi Shi
Wei Lin
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Guangyao Liu
Qian Qiu
Wenqing Shen
Zesheng An
Aqueous Dispersion Polymerization of 2-Methoxyethyl Acrylate for the Synthesis of Biocompatible Nanoparticles Using a Hydrophilic RAFT Polymer and a Redox Initiator Macromolecules 44 5237-5245
Wenqing Shen
Yanli Chang
Guangyao Liu
Haifang Wang
Aoneng Cao
Zesheng An
Biocompatible, Antifouling, and Thermosensitive Core Shell Nanogels Synthesized by RAFT Aqueous Dispersion Polymerization Macromolecules 44 2524-2530
Jin Liu
Hai-Mu Ye
Jun Xu
Bao-Hua Guo
Formation of ring-banded spherulites of a and b modifications in Poly(butylene adipate) Polymer 52 4619-4630
Na Peng
Xi-Ming Xia
Wen-Tao He
Wen-Ming Liu
Shi-Wen Huang
Ren-Xi Zhuo
Fabrication and stability of porous poly(allylamine) hydrochloride (PAH)/poly-(acrylic acid) (PAA) multilayered films via a cleavable-polycation template Polymer  52  1256-1262
Wenyong Zhang
Liping Guo
Guoliang Peng
Tiecheng Li
Shixuan Feng
Zhongpo Zhou
Ting Peng
Zuci Quan
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Duofa Wang
YoungPak Lee 
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Monolayer behavior of binary systems of betulinic acid and cardiolipin:Thermodynamic analyses of Langmuir monolayers and AFM study of Langmuir–Blodgett monolayers Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 353 294–300
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Yanwen Lin
Yunbai Luo
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Qi Hao
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Effects of a Moderate-Intensity Static Magnetic Field and Adriamycin on K562 Cells Bioelectromagnetics 32 191-199
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Panpan Xu
Guidong Du
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Dengyu Pan
Zheng Jiao
A Facile One-Step Synthesis of TiO2/Graphene Composites for
Photodegradation of Methyl Orange
Nano Res 4 273-283
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Wet Chemical Etching Process of BST Thin Films for Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors Ferroelectrics 410 137-144
Lili Sun
Shanshan Liang
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Surface alteration of human tooth enamel subjected to acidic and neutral 30% hydrogen peroxide DENTISTRY 39   686-692
Can Xin Tian
Bing Yang
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Hong JunWang
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Structural andMechanical Properties of CrNx Coatings Deposited byMedium-FrequencyMagnetron Sputtering with and without Ion Source Assistance Nanomaterials 2011 Article ID
534647, 7pages 
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Xiao Zou
Guojia Fang
Jiawei Wan
Xun He
Haoning Wang
Nishuang Liu
Hao Long
Xingzhong Zhao
Improved Subthreshold Swing and Gate-Bias Stressing Stability of p-Type Cu2O Thin-Film Transistors Using a HfO2 High-k Gate Dielectric Grown on a SiO2/Si Substrate by Pulsed Laser Ablation IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES  38  2003-2007
Longyan Yuan
Xiao Zou
Guojia Fang
Jiawei Wan
Hai Zhou
Xingzhong Zhao
High-Performance Amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors With HfOxNy/HfO2/HfOxNy Tristack Gate Dielectrics IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS  32  42-44
Jing Zhang
Cao Li
Zhi-Yuan Xue
Hai-Wei Cheng
Fu-Wei Huang
Ren-Xi Zhuo
Xian-Zheng Zhang
Fabrication of lactobionic-loaded chitosan microcapsules as potential drug
carriers targeting the liver
Acta Biomaterialia 7 1665-1673
Sheng Xu
Cong-hua Zhou
Ying Yang
Hao Hu
Bobby Sebo
Bo-lei Chen
Qi-dong Tai
Xingzhong Zhao
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Xi Fan
Guojia Fang
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Nanhai Sun
Nishuang Liu
Qiao Zheng
Fei Cheng
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Xingzhong Zhao
Deposition temperature effect of RF magnetron sputtered molybdenum oxide
films on the power conversion efficiency of bulk-heterojunction solar cells
B. L. Zhu
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G. H. Li
X. G. Wu
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Weizhong Yuan
Zhengda Zhao
Jinying Yuan
Shuying Gu
Fengbo Zhang
Xuming Xied
Jie Ren
Synthesis of pH- and temperature-responsive chitosan-graft-poly[2-(N,N-dimethylamino) ethylmethacrylate] copolymer and gold nanoparticle stabilization by its micelles Polym Int 60 194-201
Naici Bing
Zhen Tian
Luping Zhu
Haiying Jin
Lingling Wang
Lijun Wang
Controlled Grafting of S-naproxen Imprinted layer on PVDF Microporous
Membrane By ATRP
Advanced Materials Research Vols 148-149 1026-1030
Jing Li
Huaqing Xie
Yang Li
Jie Liu
Zhuxin Li
Electrochemical properties of graphene nanosheets/polyaniline nanofibers
composites as electrode for supercapacitors
Power Sources 196 10775-10781
Sheng-Tao Yang
Sheng Chen
Yanli Chang
Aoneng Cao
Yuanfang Liu
Haifang Wang
Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution by graphene oxide Colloid and Interface Science 359 24-29
Yanli Chang
Sheng-Tao Yang
Jia-Hui Liu
Erya Dong
Yanwen Wang
Aoneng Cao
Yuanfang Liu
Haifang Wang
In vitro toxicity evaluation of graphene oxide on A549 cells Toxicology Letters 200 201-210
Yanwei Wang
Shiyong Ran
Baoyuan Man
Guangcan Yang
Ethanol induces condensation of single DNA molecules Soft Matter 7 4425-4434
Shi-Yong Ran
Yan-Wei Wang
Guang-Can Yang
Lin-Xi Zhang
 Morphology Characterization and Single-Molecule Study of DNA 
Dodecyltrimethylammonium Bromide Complex
 Physical Chemistry  115  4568-4575
Yi Chen
Lidan Yan
Tun Yuan
Qiyi Zhang
Haojun Fan
Asymmetric Polyurethane Membrane with In Situ-Generated Nano-TiO2 as Wound Dressing Journal of Applied polymer Science 119 1532-1541
Yi-Tao Liu
Xu-Ming Xie
Xiong-Ying Ye
High-concentration organic solutions of poly(styrene-cobutadiene- co-styrene)-modified graphene sheets exfoliated from graphite Carbon 49 3529-3537
Hirokazu Kamada
Ikuo Ihara
Hong Dae Kim
Tadachika Nakayama
Munehiro Kimura
Tadashi Akahane
Alignment film abrasion caused by rubbing Journal of Information Display 12 173-177
Y. Inoue
Y. Kuramoto
M. Hattori
M. Adachi
M. Kimura
T. Akahane
A study on the relationship between rubbing scratches on an alignment film and rubbing cloths using a highspeed camera Journal of Information Display 12 125-128
玉井 聡行
松川 公洋
藤原 裕
紫外光照射によるめっき可能なハイブリッド薄膜の作製とそれを利用したフレキシブルフィルム上での電子回路形成 科学と工業 85 446-450
Daisuke Mori
Hiroaki Benten
Junya Kosaka
Hideo Ohkita
Shinzaburo Ito
Kunihito Miyake
Polymer/Polymer Blend Solar Cells with 2.0% Efficiency Developed by Thermal Purification of Nanoscale-Phase-Separated Morphology Applied Materials and Interfaces 3 2924-2927
Tsuyoshi Tsujioka Selective metal deposition on photosensitive organic crystal surfaces Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 12639-12643
中西弘一 新しい微生物制御技術の開発 -ナノサーチ技術の応用展開- 食品工業 54  
竹井 怜
表面電位差を用いたMg 合金中の母相と分散物間におけるガルバニック腐食現象の評価 日本機械学会論文集 77 301-315
中西 望
竹井 怜
今井 久志
近藤 勝義
Mg-Al 合金とTi の界面における局所腐食現象の解析 日本機械学会論文集 77 316-322
Mari Tabuchi
Makoto Seo
Takayuki Inoue
Takeshi Ikeda
Akinori Kogure
Ikuo Inoue
Shigehiro Katayama
Toshiyuki Matsunaga
Akira Hara
Tsugikazu Komoda
Geometrical Separation Method for Lipoproteins Using Bioformulated-Fiber Matrix Electrophoresis: Size of High-Density Lipoprotein Does Not Reflect Its Density Anal. Chem. 83 1131-1136
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