Septum Types


White 201-35584 (Standard type, 20 pieces)

Blue 221-48972-91 (LL long-life, 20 pieces)

Brown 221-48398-91 (HT for high temperatures, 20 pieces)

Green 221-76650-01 (LB low-bleed, 25 pieces)


The type of bleeding experienced varies with each septum type, and appear as different patterns on the chromatogram. When conducting high sensitivity analysis, a septum which does not exhibit bleeding in a position that would obstruct the peak of the target compound needs to be chosen. In addition, performing conditioning for a few hours at about 120 deg.C to 150 deg.C (up to about 200 deg.C for the LL, HT septums) after extraction with hexane for a few hours may reduce bleeding.