Detector FID-2014

Inspecting the Collector, Replacing the Jet


Tools Required

Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, hexnut screwdriver (option, Part No. 670-18800)



Shutdown the system and stop the gas supply for detectors.


Remove two screws of the collector holding bracket.


Remove the collector unit.



Check for dirt inside the collector. If dirty, wipe the dirt away using cotton buds soaked in solvent. If using an item like a brush, use a soft one. The damage caused by the use of a wire brush etc. can result in noise.



Firmly hold the white insulation with a 6 mm spanner and loosen the high voltage unit fixing nut with a 12 mm wrench.

Since the quartz portion of the FID nozzle may be damaged when the high-pressure brush rotates with the insulator, fix it with a 6 mm spanner so that the insulator does not turn


Pull the high voltage brush.



Loosen the FID jet with a hexnut screwdriver.

Hexnut screwdriver (option, Part No. 670-18800)


Detach the FID jet with tweezers.


Do not jolt the jet as this may break the quartz.


FID jet (0.5 dia.): 221-70162-95
(standard, for packed column, marked 'P' on the side)

FID jet (0.5 dia.): 221-70162-92
(for capillary column)
FID jet (0.3 dia.): 221-70162-93
(for capillary column)
FID jet (0.8 dia.): 221-70162-94
(for water analysis(capillary column))
FID jet (0.8 dia.): 221-70162-96
(for water analysis(packed column))

Check for any dirt or blockages in the jet.

If dirty, wipe the dirt away using a cotton bud soaked in solvent. Replace it with a new item if it has blockages.

Use the dedicated 0.8mm inner dia. jet if performing water analysis.

For capillary column, use FID jet (0.3 dia.) to get better S/N ratio, but please note that it might be easier to clog up than FID jet (0.5 dia.).


Set the FID jet and use the nut driver to turn it until it comes to a firm stop.


Put back the high voltage unit and collector unit by following the removal procedure in reverse.

Do not jolt the high voltage unit fixing nut as this may break the insulator.


Start up the system.

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