GC-2014 Column Oven

Installing the SUS Packed Column


Tools Required

10x12 wrench (standard accessory)



Shutdown the system and stop the gas supply for detectors.


Pull the lever on the left hand side of the door to open the column oven.


Glass insert 3.2 dia. P/N: 221-14093

Set the glass insert into the INJ side of the SUS column adapter.



SUS column adapter INJ side :

Attach the INJ side of the SUS column adapter to the sample injection port together with the glass insert and tigthen it in place using the wrench.


Attach the DET side of the SUS column adapter to the detector and tighten in place using the wrench.






There are two types of SUS column adapters for the detector side: one for the TCD, and another for the other detectors.

SUS Column Adapter DET side P/N:221-08882-91

SUS Column Adapter TCD side P/N:221-10079-93



Attach the SUS column to the SUS column adapter.

Put gaskets in at the two points where the SUS column and the adapter connect.

If using a column gasket made of silicone rubber, which for use under 250 deg.C, insert a gasket in between and hand tighten the G type nut.

Silicone gasket P/N:201-35184 (50 pieces)


If using an aluminum column gasket (for use over 250 deg.C), insert 2 to 3 gaskets in between and hand tighten the GM type nut.

Alminum gasket P/N:201-35183-84 (500 pieces)


Tighten the two connections between the SUS column and adapter using wrenchs.


Turn ON the power and set the start time to a large value like 5 to 10 minutes (or more) in the startup screen. Select the PF menu for "Start GC" and then start the instrument. Gas is sent from the AFC during the start time, but the temperature of the detector does not increase. Check for leakage during this period.

Press the [Flow] key and set an appropriate amount of carrier gas, and then check for leakage. Apply soapy water or leak detection fluids such as Snoop(R) to the connections and check that no bubbles appear.

If bubbles appear it means that there is a leak. Re-tighten the connections further using the wrench to stop the leak. (If a graphite ferrule has been used, leaks may occur depending on the temperature cycle. It is recommended that the leak check be repeated after raising the temperature.)

Gas leak detection fluid Snoop Part No.: 670-11514


After ensuring that there is no leakage, close the column oven door.

After the start time has ended, the temperature control of each part will be started.

Press the [SYSTEM] key then press the toggle key to display PF menu, select "Start Seq" menu and set the start time to 0 on the screen. Then temperature control will be started immediately. If the leak check is finished in short time and if the gas in the column is sufficiently substituted with carrier gas, then you may increase the temperature without waiting for the start time to end.

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