Sample Injection Port SPL-2010/WBI-2010

Replacing the Glass Insert


Tools Required

Glass insert wrench (standard accessory), tweezers



Press the [SYSTEM] key on the GC unit and select "INJ Maintenance" in the PF menu.

The temperature of the sample injection port and the column oven will lower automatically, and the supply of carrier gas will stop when the temperature goes below 50 deg.C.


Check that the message "Perform INJ maintenance" appears on the GC display.


Remove the glass insert nut using a glass insert wrench.

(Glass insert wrench (standard accessory) Part No. 221-46977)


Pull out the glass insert using tweezers.



Fit an O-ring on the new glass insert and fill it with an appropriate amount of silica wool.
The fluoro rubber O-ring can only be used up to 400 deg.C. Above the graphite O-ring is recommended.

Fluoro rubber O-ring 036-11203-84 (pack of 5)
Graphite O-ring 221-48393-91

Deactivated silica wool 221-48600 (2g pack)


Reference: List of Glass Inserts & Silica Wool Packing Guide



Provisionally fix the O-ring at about 4mm from the top of the glass insert and set it to the sample injection port. Using tweezers, push it down until it touches the bottom.


Attach the glass insert nut and fix it using the wrench.


(Press the [SYSTEM] key) Select "Analysis" in the PF menu. The GC will be automatically readied.


Select "3. Analysis Counter" on the screen in which the [DIAG] key is pressed. Place the cursor on "Counter for Insert" and select "Reset" in the PF menu to reset the analysis count.

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