Sample Injection Port SPL-2010/WBI-2010

Replacing the Filter Trap


Tools Required

Two 10x12 wrenchs (standard accessory), tweezers



Press the [SYSTEM] key on the GC unit and select "INJ Maintenance" in the PF menu.

The temperature of the sample injection port and the column oven will lower automatically, and the supply of carrier gas will stop when it goes below 50 deg.C.


Check that the message "Perform INJ maintenance" appears on the GC display.


Loosen and remove the joints at the ends of the filter and trap.


SPLIT/PURGE Trap 221-42559-92

Molecular sieve filter 221-34121-93

Baked Molecular sieve filter 221-34121-94



Fit the new filter and trap. Tighten in place using the wrench. 2 or 3 aluminum gaskets must be inserted into the G-JOINT when doing this.

Aluminum gasket 201-35183-84


(Press the [SYSTEM] key) Select "Analysis" in the PF menu. The GC will be readied automatically.

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